As part of my consulting activities I have worked on a project basis for international organizations and governments on issues around poverty and social policy. The activities involve third party peer review of policy research, technical assistance, building local capacity, and contract research.

Peer review

  • Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) (2016) – Peer review of PEP Working Paper
  • UNICEF Headquarters (2009/10). Global study on child poverty and disparities – Peer reviewer of country studies on Tanzania, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Technical assistance

  • Oxford Policy Management (20110) – Consultant offering guidance to support simulations of the poverty impact and costs to the government of a range of cash benefits in Congo Brazzaville.
  • UNICEF Congo-Brazzaville (2007/8) – Senior consultant studying policy options to reduce child poverty and improve access to education and health care in the Republic of Congo using micro-simulation techniques to study effects on costs and multidimensional poverty.
  • UNICEF Congo-Brazzaville (2007) – Senior consultant in a team performing a multidimensional poverty analysis using household survey data.
  • Government of Russia (2006), funded by the European Commission – Researcher involved in a team assessing the labor market impact the pension reform
    • Chapter in Report Assessment of the Labor Market Impact of the Pension Reform: Notten, G., Consumption smoothing abilities and strategies in Russia, 141-146.
    • Chapter in Report Assessment of the Labor Market Impact of the Pension Reform: Poverty profile in Russia, 108-140.
  • Government of Mauritius (2002), funded by the World Bank – Consultant of a team reviewing Mauritius’ social assistance programs and their effects on poverty reduction.
    • Report: Neubourg de, C., G. Notten, M. van der Auwera, Z. Loza, and A. Sebald, , “Modernising the social protection system in Mauritius”, processed in Washington, DC.: The World Bank, 2002.

Building local capacity

  • UNICEF West and Central African Region (2008) – Invited speaker at the Social Policy Network Meeting for UNICEF’s social protection employees working for country offices in the region.
  • UNICEF Congo-Brazzaville (2007) – Capacity building through involvement and training of two local consultants in our multidimensional poverty study.

Contract research