My background

My training in economics was complemented by courses in econometrics, business, law, sociology, anthropology and political science. I am interested in poverty and social policy in developed and developing countries. My research is multidisciplinary and I combine academic research with the practical application of academic knowledge in public policy contexts.


Graduate students interested in writing their Dissertation, Master Thesis or Major Research Paper in the field of poverty and social policy are invited to contact me by email or drop by for a brainstorm during my office hours.

I can supervise students enrolled in Programs at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA), in Economics, and at the School of International Development and Global Studies. I would be happy to consider supervision of students from other Departments / Faculties at the University of Ottawa.

This is my Policy regarding Major Research Paper supervisions (similar for Master Thesis or Dissertation).

Here you can find more information on how to start a Research Project.


Particularly welcome are topics overlapping with my Ongoing Research on poverty and social policy in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Also welcome are topics related to Public Policy and Comparative Public Policy (comparative/single case study/policy evaluation), especially when they concern poverty, inequality and social policy issues.

I supervise graduate research taking either a multidisciplinary or economics perspective and/or having a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodological component.

Students in the GSPIA Program can also write an MRP under my supervision that focuses on other public policy topics such as justice, health, education and immigration.

I only consider supervising Doctoral Dissertations and Master Theses when the student’s research topic falls within the poverty and social policy domain.


English and French

Past supervisions

I have been assisting students with their research projects since 2003 (see my Curriculum Vitae under Teaching and Graduate Supervision).